get back to what inspires you

We believe that running a business should inspire you to create what you love. 

At Blue Sky Consulting, we are here to build, simplify, and manage your procedures, allowing you to get back to business.


Our Process


A free 30-minute assessment of your current procedures, workflow, and pain points. 


Overall system workflow is designed and implemented for efficiency and simplicity.


Weekly - monthly check-ins  and adjustments for a smooth transition.


Consulting. No word sounds more lofty and vague. 

You are really good at your work. But do you remember why you started your business? Or are you drowning in emails, struggling to set up your website, understand your advertising and analytics, or simply trying to stay organized?

We create order from chaos. Here are some of the services we offer to help you get back to what you love. 

Our Services

Document Organization
Desktop, Google Drive, Microsoft Dynamics, and other document storage organization and systemization.
Calendar & Scheduling Automation
Set up bookings, appointments, or event scheduling automation. 
Data Organization & Visualization
Pull out the important information to get insights into your business analytics and data.
Email Systemization & Organization
Create folder and filing systems to stay organized and prioritize. Connect and automate email workflows.
Website Setup & Design, Content Editing, & Analytics
Wix or Wordpress website design and content editing. Connect website to Google (Analytics, Ads, Search Console). 
Team Communication Setup & Organization
Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. Set up your team for more effective and organized communication. 

Is It worth it?

We will analyze your business and see where efficiency can be improved or created. The amount of time spent doing menial tasks takes time away from generating revenue. 

Add up the amount of hours you spend each week on these tasks. How much does that equate to in wages? Or in revenue lost because you could not spend that time producing or servicing your customers?

That time and money is better spent on growing your business. It is worth taking one week of those expenses and investing it into help that will allow you to get your time back.


We know how hard it is to be a small business owner. You wear a lot of hats. But we can hang a few of them up for you. 



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